ARO Drilling is a joint venture of Saudi Aramco and Valaris Companies. Each partner has equal board representation to ensure a platform for long-term success and partnership.
  • Top Management
    • Kelly Mchenry

      Kelly McHenry

      Chief Executive Officer


    • Kelly Mchenry

      Habeeb AlKhardawi

      Chief Financial Officer


    • Kelly Mchenry

      Stuart Johnstone

      Managing Director


  • Management Team
    • Richard Mohammed

      Richard Mohammed

      Supply Chain Director

    • Hathal Albahli

      Hathal Albahli

      Human Resources Director

    • Nicholas Mcbride

      Nicholas Mcbride

      HSE Director

    • Anas Mosa

      Anas Mosa

      Information Technology Director

    • Abdulnasser Al-Khaldi

      Abdulnasser Al-Khaldi

      Operational Excellence & Efficiency Director

    • Manish Parmar

      Manish Parmar

      Engineering Director

    • Charles Tuley

      Charles Tuley

      Maintenance Director

    • Thomas Schlueter

      Thomas Schlueter

      Projects Director

  • Board of Directors
    • Kelly Mchenry

      Abdulhameed AlRushaid


    • Kelly Mchenry

      Wa’el Biltagi


    • Kelly Mchenry

      Faisal AlNughaimish


    • Kelly Mchenry

      Jack Winton


    • Kelly Mchenry

      Jon Baksht


    • Kelly Mchenry

      Tom Burke