Golden Rules

Control of Work
  • I am authorized to perform the work
  • I have confirmed that hazards have been controlled and it is safe to start
  • I stop and reassess if things change
  • I make sure the required procedural checks are completed
Lifting operations
  • I am qualified to operate lifting equipment
  • I have the correct barriers in place
  • I never walk under a load
  • I perform lifts hands free whenever possible
Line of Fire
  • I position myself to avoid moving objects
  • I stay away from pressure testing zones
  • I obey Red Zones
  • I watch where I put my hands
Work at Height
  • I always use fall protection
  • I tie off 100% to approved anchor points
  • I always secure tools at height
Stop work Authority
  • When we see the “TIME OUT SIGNAL” we all STOP and DISCUSS
  • I have the courage to stop a job
  • I stop the job if I think its unsafe or if I don’t understand what is happening
  • I always listen respectfully to anyone who stop a job
Bypassing Safety Controls
  • I never bypass safety control without authorization
  • I always test limits and safety controls as required
  • I report and investigate all alarms
  • I identify all energy sources
  • I check that hazardous energy sources have been isolated, locked and tagged
  • I test isolations before starting work
Confined Space
  • I checked the atmosphere has been tested and is constantly monitored
  • I check and use my breathing apparatus when required
  • I confirm there is an attendant standing by
  • I check a rescue plan is in place