Perfect day

4 achievements make a perfect day...
No One Gets Hurt

Our first and most important priority is the safety of our people. We don’t want anyone to get hurt while working for ARO Drilling.

No One gets hurt means no work related injury or illness no matter how minor.

No High Potential Incidents

A high potential incident whether Dropped Object, Near Hit, Well Control or Property Damage is an incident that had the potential to cause a fatality under different circumstances.

We can not rely on luck, we need to drive these High Potential incidents out of our workplace.

No Spills to Sea

We have made a commitment through our HSSE Policy and our core value of “Citizenship” to be environmentally responsible. That means no unplanned spills to sea.

No Overdue High Critical Maintenance (without  ORA-M)

High Critical Maintenance is identified as such because failure to do it on time can endanger all personnel onboard the rig.

In exceptional circumstances we may need to delay this maintenance this is OK as long as we risk assess, mitigate and control the risk – ORA-M is how we document that process.