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Safety Commitment

ARO Drilling is committed to delivering safe drilling operations. We will risk assess every job to ensure the safety of our personnel, the environment and our assets.

The safety and security of our personnel is our first and highest priority. There is nothing so urgent or important that we cannot take the time to plan it well and do it safely.

ARO Drilling employees, contractors and consultants, as well as any third-party personnel working on ARO Drilling facilities and rigs, are empowered to stop any job, at any time, if they believe it is not safe.

We conduct ourselves with integrity and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

ARO Drilling management ensures that each of our employees are trained in, understand and work in accordance with the ARO Drilling Rig Management System (RMS).

ARO Drilling is committed to programs and protective measures that eliminate or mitigate work-related health risks. ARO Drilling management believes it is good business practice to provide preventive programs designed to enhance employees' well-being, fitness for work, productivity and personal health.

ARO Drilling is committed to preserving the environment and to being a responsible steward of the planet’s natural resources. ARO Drilling provides its customers with drilling services in an environmentally conscious manner. ARO Drilling trains and educates its employees to be environmentally responsible, to prevent pollution and reduce the amount of waste at its facilities. Each of our rigs and facilities has a plan to prevent pollution and manage any incident to minimize impact to the environment.